Limestone Floor Cleaning


Limestone is naturally a softer stone than Marble or Travertine due to the high amounts of calcium. This makes Limestone more porous and dirt will penetrate deeper into the pores.

We use high alkaline cleaners as the natural stone is acid sensitive.  Machinery is used to remove and release the ingrained dirt from the stone. The dirty residue is then rinsed away, leaving the floor ready for the next step.

Diamond burnishing pads are used to cut back through the old sealer and remove any scratches. This will leave the stone in a honed state. If a matt finish is required, an impregnator sealer would be applied at this stage.

Alternatively, the Limestone can be highly polished before the seal is applied. High-quality impregnator sealers will make day-to-day maintenance much simpler.


Limestone Floor Cleaning

“Steve did a good job on our stained limestone tiles, professional and very helpful. We would be more than pleased to recommend him. Many thanks. ”


Limestone Floor Cleaning

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