Slate Floor Cleaning


Slate floors come from all different parts of the world (Wales, India, China) in all different sizes and colours.

Most Slate floors contain old sealers that break down & dirt gets ingrained underneath.  A chemical clean is done to break down and remove all old sealers & waxes.

A topical or impregnated sealer will then be used to enhance the colour of the natural slate and give it a protective layer making it easier to maintain in the future.


Slate Floor Cleaning

“Dear Steve, just wanted to say how much we like our 'New' floor - the difference is almost unbelievable!!! Our kitchen & entrance lobby have gone from dull, impossible to clean, eyesores into the beautiful riven slate floors that I always wanted before our house builder butchered them by not sealing them properly. I also would like to thank you for how little you disrupted us, having two kids, I thought that we would almost certainly have problems but you were excellent. Thanks again ”


Slate Floor Cleaning

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