Commercial Grout Cleaning & Recolouring

Grout Cleaning & Recolouring

All commercial properties have bathroom facilities and many of them will also have kitchen facilities. These areas will require regular maintenance to keep the grout looking clean and to protect the area from dirt/mould soaking into the grouting.

We provide a grout cleaning and recolouring service to many commercial properties including;

  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

Grouting is found in between the tiles in bathrooms, showers, floors and walls. 99% of the time grout does not need replacing it just needs cleaning.

It can be cleaned and recoloured. When you recolour the grout, it brings it back to life and gives it a level of protection to stop dirt/mould soaking into the grout again.

We can also re-silicone which involves striping out all the old silicone and replacing with new. This process can be done in and around the bath, shower and sink area.

Commercial Grout Cleaning & Recolouring

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Commercial Grout Cleaning & Recolouring

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